Hello Insect world!

Future Food Created by Insects

This is BAKAJITA, an Entomophagy critic.
Do you know what the current food self-sufficiency rate is in Japan? I do not know.
Do you know why Entomophagy is good for the earth? If you know, please let me know.
I am concerned about the future food shortage, and I thought as much as I could about what I can do now.
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Abare-danuki’s daily life
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About me

We made a promotional video to let you know more about me, BAKAJITA. Please take a look at this video.

The latest promotional video was made in September 2021, please watch it here. This promotional video was made from the video of Sakimura making Chao Chur Spring Rolls for us. These Chao Chur spring rolls were 86 out of 100 points.


As my Entomophagy critic, I have prepared a paper summarizing my research on crickets.
Vietnamese crickets go well with all flavors of pizza, curry, and garlic, but they are especially good with pizza. It’s amazing how good Vietnamese crickets are even without flavors. After I finished my research, I took the Vietnamese and pizza combination home and enjoyed it at home.
Please refer to this page for a record of our activities so far.
Record of BAKAJITA’s activities
※Japanese only
English version coming soon


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