Blake’s Wan Beef Jerky Fluffy Finish Real Food Review


Sakimura has recently become addicted to soy jerky, which he says is made from soybeans, so we compared different types of jerky.
We compared three types of jerky: Seven-Eleven Seven Premium Beef Jerky, Kabaya Foods Soy Jerky, and Break Wan Beef Jerky Fluffy Finish.

“Seven-Eleven Seven Premium Beef Jerky is just a regular beef jerky.
“Soy Jerky” is not bad, but it’s ordinary.
I couldn’t help but have a second helping of “Break Wan Beef Jerky with Fluffy Finish”!

The only thing I had a second helping of was the “Break Wan Beef Jerky Fluffy Finish”. Super yummy!
Break Wan is written in English as “Break Wan,” so it’s very doggy!




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